I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people

-Sir Isaac Newton, brilliant human, so-so investor

We started engineered portfolio to serve a very specific mission:  to help people become better investors without relying on the expensive financial services industry.  Our goal is to help everyone understand that though investing is a complicated process, it can be made simple.  How?  By constructing a diversified efficient portfolio based upon your personal risk tolerance.  Let us help you wade through all the minutia and jargon to quickly and easily arrive at the actionable information you need to be a successful investor.

Who is giving you this advice that is so critical to your future?  We are a couple of engineers with a passion for investing, a confusion for why our seemingly brilliant technical colleagues are bad at investing and a mission to educate people on proper portfolio construction….on how to design, build and maintain an engineered portfolio.

Chris Ludlow (LinkedIn)

I studied aerospace engineering at Boston University before joining a small business where I have been lucky enough to pursue both my technical and financial passions.  I’ve always had an interest in finance, as proven by my consistent devouring of any finance book I can get my hands on.  After getting my MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Massachusetts Boston I took on the role of CFO at my company.  Through this role I was given the opportunity to help manage my companies 401(k) plan.  Reviewing the statistics of the plan (engineers LOVE data!)  I realized that my brilliant colleagues, some of which attended the most prestigious universities on the planet, were so-so investors.  After many lunch time conversations with Steve (and probably a few beers if we are being honest), we realized we wanted to try and help our friends, family and everyone deal with what can be a confusing financial world.  We’ve made it our mission to help all individual investors realize that a simple and easy to implement investing approach based on proper asset allocation and keeping your fee’s low will provide superior long term performance.

Steve Hanly (LinkedIn)

I earned my B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from WPI before joining the same small business as Chris.  After starting there I earned my M.S. degree in mechanical engineering again from WPI while I continued working as an entry level engineer, designing systems and processing data.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris in a variety of business and finance roles as we continue to grow and expand our technologies and business.  I’m now currently pursuing an MBA in finance and marketing.

I’ve certainly enjoyed serving these variety of engineering, business, and leadership roles; but I’ve always looked forward to talking finance and investing with Chris.  Like him, I’m amazed with how complicated the finance industry tries to make “smart” investing seem.  It’s frustrating to me when I speak with friends, colleagues, and family who get overwhelmed to talk, let alone think, about investing.  Too many times I hear, “let me pay people who know more than I do to do my investing for me.”  The engineered portfolio is all about spelling out in plain english how effective investing doesn’t need to be complicated.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my discussions with Chris on investing (and still do), now I look forward to extending these discussions to all of you!