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My background is as a mechanical engineer; but I now serve as the VP of Sales of Marketing at Mide Technology ( I live in Charlestown with my wife, dog, and son. When not spending time with family or working, I enjoy golfing.

Mid-Cap Value Outperformance: Consistently Beating the S&P 500

What area of the market offers the best risk-adjusted returns?  Is there a better index to passively invest in and track than the S&P 500?

I’ve always assumed there to be a risk/return relationship between market indexes; but when I began diving a little deeper into the historical data it quickly became apparent that there are certain areas of the market that defy logic and offer higher returns with less risk.

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Historical Risk versus Return of Stocks and Bonds

Stocks are risky but they generate high returns.  Bonds are safer but they offer proportionally less returns.  Investors may think that combining these asset classes in a portfolio linearly scales risk versus return.  For the most part this is true; but due to a lack of correlation between these assets, combining them in a portfolio can actually increase returns without increasing risk.

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